Growing Happiness at Bloom Wilder Dan McClelland and Jae Jeon 

Growing Happiness at Bloom Wilder ‘From Their Farm to Your Door’
Dan McClelland and Jae Jeon

Dan McClelland and Jae Jeon, owners of Bloom Wilder. Photo submitted.

There is nothing quite like going to one’s front door and receiving an unexpectedly bright, fragrant floral arrangement or bouquet, especially when those flowers are as fresh and distinctive as those from Bloom Wilder.

In 2018, husband and wife Dan McClelland and Jae Jeon began growing gorgeous flowers, just outside their front door in West Duluth. That garden grew into a flower farm and now into their thriving floral business, Bloom Wilder.

“We are very proud that at our flower farm and design studio, we use our own harvested flowers in our arrangements. What we do is really a labor of love,” said Dan. They enjoy growing tulips, daffodils, and especially dahlias, along with many other varieties.

Bloom Wilder offers floral arrangements for all occasions, weddings and special events. They sell their flowers mostly through their online shop with Twin Ports delivery service available.

The florist offers a subscription program to send flowers to loved ones or office friends and associates. "Each year we carefully select over 300 varieties of seeds and bulbs to keep our little farm bursting with flowers. May to October we craft beautiful bouquets and share them with you," according to their subscription page on their website.

Bloom Wilder plants over 300 varieties of seeds and bulbs to uniquely design each arrangement. Photo by Dan McClelland.

“I enjoy delivering the flowers,” said Dan. “I get an immediate reaction, and it is fun to see the happy faces.”

Dan wears many hats in the business doing much of the manual labor, taking the photography, maintaining the website and social media and talking to customers.

Jae chooses the seeds and decides what they will grow, selecting the colors and varieties and then designing and creating the floral arrangements.

They are the company’s only two employees, and both agree it is their shared aesthetic that makes their collaboration so meaningful.

Their seven-year-old son also Dion likes to “play in the dirt” and has his own little mini-garden area to plant and tend.

Seeds of Their Business

Jae was born in Seoul, and in her late twenties, moved to Jeonju (about two and a half hours south of Seoul), opening a flower shop there.

Jae Jeon holding Bloom Wilder's fresh-picked flowers. Photo by Dan McClelland

“I always loved giving flowers to friends and family, but I found the design and packaging were usually unattractive. A new wave of floral design was coming into Korea from Europe and Japan at that time. I had experience in fine art but not flowers. I wanted to develop my skill and the best way to do that was open a shop of my own,” she noted.

She and Duluth native Dan McClellan met when he went to Korea to teach English. In a rom-com movie sort of way, Dan ended up also working in Jae’s shop and a romance blossomed.

He had worked in landscaping in the Twin Cities where he went to college. Dan is also a visual artist and has always had a general interest in growing things.

He comes by it naturally from his father, (also named Dan McClelland), who is a landscape architect and designer and Glensheen Mansion’s former curator of historic grounds.

Dan noted, “When Jae and I decided to come to the U.S. to Duluth in 2015, we weren’t quite sure what we were going to do. After a few other jobs and trying to figure it out, we bought a house with a little bit of land which we slowly started to cultivate. We put in a small greenhouse at the back of the garage. I built some flower beds and the ‘seeds’ of our company were begun.”

When another lot in their neighborhood became available, the couple bought that also and the business grew. Their Studio and Farm on Highland Street is a place dedicated to environmentally friendly practices. Instead of using floral foam, they create their arrangements with reusable frameworks, and they do not use plastic packaging. They also use organic farm practices to grow their flowers.

“Wild. Seasonal. Local”

Jae added, “We're building a business that showcases our talents and also reflects the never-ending beauty of the world. Every day, people choose to show their love for one another with flowers. We get to be a part of that and that's the biggest reward.”

Jae displays a colorful, locally grown bouquet of flowers. Photo by Dan McClelland

Jae truly follows an artist’s process with her floral arrangements. “When I start a bouquet, the momentum builds and it becomes effortless,” she explained. “The planning, the planting, the harvesting are all struggles – but when I finally get to the studio and begin creating, there's a great release.”

“For us, there’s no comparison to the color, scent and vitality of the seasonal blooms we grow. A connection is lost when flowers are shipped thousands of miles away. It’s beyond the simple concept of ‘freshness.’ Our blooms retain their spirit. That’s what makes us unique,” she said.

“Designing with homegrown flowers compliments our naturalistic style and our desire for a healthy, happy future. Today we’re connected to the changing seasons and have a renewed purpose. I follow the season's lead. Today I'm in love with spring tulips and sweet pea!” noted Jae.

They feel that their business is emblematic of the phrase “Local is beautiful.” As they explained about Bloom Wilder at their website, “Together we are settling into a lovely and unpredictable life on a flower farm.”

Another quote from their website eloquently explains why they love what they do. “There is beauty in a flower’s struggle toward the sun and desire to thrive. We let the blooms take center stage — in all their grace and power.”

Visit their website at Follow them on Instagram @bloomwilder

Contact them with questions or to place orders at or 218-600-9727.

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