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Do you hear it? There's a buzz happening about Duluth. We’ve been hearing unbelievably positive commentary from around the country about our food, our scenery, our recreation. So, basically, all things Duluth. 

Today, Destination Duluth will explore some of the attention we’re getting in other places.

Outdoor Adventures

Star Tribune: Outside Mag names Duluth “Best Town Ever” (August 2014)

Summary: Duluth trumped a whole bunch of other cool cities for this amazing accolade and this story explains why.

Duluth News Tribune: Duluth graces the cover of Outside magazine's 'Best Towns Ever' issue (August 2014)

Summary: This is our hometown paper. Duluth is amazed that we made the cover! Story includes a few comments from former Mayor Don Ness.

Outside Magazine: Best Towns 2014 – Mountain Biking Duluth (March 2014)

Summary: A minute and a half long video of awesome mountain biking footage, narrated by Rudy O’Brien

National Geographic: America’s 20 Best Mountain Bike Towns (May 2017)

Summary: Nat Geo explores the Duluth Traverse, Lester Park, Hartley Park, Mission Creek, Spirit Mountain, and Piedmont-Brewer Park biking systems, and explains what makes them great.

Duluth’s Image

The Atlantic: How America is putting itself back together … Most people in the U.S. believe their country is going to hell. But they’re wrong. What a three-year journey by single-engine plane reveals about reinvention and renewal (March 2016)

Summary: The story highlights some cool cities and the great things they’re doing, after our country experienced some horrible events (mass shootings, economic downturns, bouts of extreme poverty). Highlights Duluth’s great job opportunities (Cirrus, etc.), year-round recreation, and amazing quality of life.

Star Tribune: Duluth enjoying a new image, long in the making (August 2015)

Summary: Total rah-rah cheerleader article about Duluth from tip to tail. A collaboration of accolades Duluth has received, and how its image has been reborn.

General Duluth Awesomeness

Star Tribune: How Duluth became the outdoor capital of the Midwest (April 2017)

Summary: A rundown of Duluth’s awesomeness, including: Picturesque panoramas (Hawk Ridge, the Duluth Traverse), locally crafted beverages (Bent Paddle, Vikre) other cool hotspots (seeing Glensheen from the outside, Pier B, the Lakewalk, Canal Park).

Outside online: Why Duluth is the Best Town in America (August 2014)

Summary: Rundown of everything that makes Duluth great: local beer, outdoor activities, and the birthplace of Bob Dylan.

Food and Drink

Star Tribune: Destination, Duluth: What's new in dining that you don't want to miss (June 2016)

Summary: Several Duluth hotspots are highlighted and dissected: Duluth’s Best Bread, Duluth Coffee Company, Vikre, Pickwick, Grandma’s, Brewhouse, Northern Waters Smokehaus, Duluth Grill, Burrito Union, and options up the shore

One Fit City

Gadgets and Wearables.com - Fitness tracker data reveals the fittest cities in America (May 2017)

Summary: Fitbit ranks Duluth #1!

In Closing

Well, clearly we’ve given ‘em something to talk about. From our food and drink to our outdoor adventures, and even our connection to Bob Dylan, Duluth has got it goin’ on.

And, that, folks, is what people are talking about.

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