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Make your Minnesota Dreams a Reality at Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts

Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of relocating to Duluth, or even a bit further up Highway 61, on Minnesota’s majestic North Shore. While your vision may be vivid and true, the logistics can seem overwhelming.

Questions like, ‘Where will I live?’ And, ‘Where will I work?’ are likely swimming through your head. These are certainly valid concerns that must be addressed. But they aren’t insurmountable.

And, we can help! In fact, we at Destination Duluth have one of the “big two” covered for you: employment.

Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts, in Tofte, Minnesota, is hiring. A premiere Lake Superior resort, Bluefin Bay exudes the very best of what Minnesota’s North Shore has to offer. This includes great benefits and front-row access to “everything nature;” all situated in a cozy, yet highly diverse community. For more information and an application, click here.


Bluefin Bay provides access to the year-round playground that is the Lutsen-Tofte region, and is nestled against the backdrop of the Sawtooth Mountains and surrounded by the Superior National Forest. And, then there’s the Lake. Swoon. Bluefin Bay is perched directly on the shores of Lake Superior, offering breathtaking views from virtually every angle.

The business offers job-seekers positions in hospitality, culinary arts, management, and more. Additionally, Bluefin Bay offers a comprehensive benefits package, with plenty of special perks, including resort discounts.

Take it from Them

Today, we’ll introduce you to four current Bluefin Bay employees:

Ross Sherman – Director of Lodging;

Jessica Huppler – Grille & Event Manager;

Peter Hastings – Recreation & Activities Coordinator; and

Mario Cruz – Manager on Duty - Bluefin Grille

This cheerful crew happily shared their favorite parts of living on Minnesota’s North Shore, and what they love most about working at Bluefin.


“I love living up here on the North Shore,” Sherman said. “I’m originally from the Twin Cities. I vacationed up here until 20 years ago, and camped in the Boundary Waters with my family. It was always such an amazing experience. My family moved here, and I followed.”

“I love Lake Superior, the Boundary Waters, and the Superior National Forest,” he added. “Living and working on the Shore, there are tons of opportunities anywhere you go. My perfect North Shore day would be a hike in the Superior National Forest, and a paddle on Sawbill Lake. It’s peaceful and relaxing.”

“I love living on the North Shore because of the quietness, the peacefulness, and all of the nature that’s around you every single day,” Huppler added. “My perfect day would be waking up and spending time with nature, usually with a cup of tea, and listening to the water wash against the rocks.”

“Being on the North Shore, I can work and play at the same time,” Hastings noted. “On an average work day, I do guided trips, I talk to people, and I have fun. The North Shore has everything you could ever want if you’re into outdoor recreation: mountain biking, paddling, hiking, backpacking, or climbing. My perfect North Shore day would include grabbing coffee by the Lake, watching the sun rise, going for a hike, and ending the day with a nice fire in the woods.”

“I enjoy the people, the scenery, and the beautiful fall colors,” Cruz said. “It’s nice and quiet.”

And, Cruz’ perfect North Shore day, while modest, is no less enjoyable than the others. “I would stay at home,” he stated simply. “I have a beautiful view through my living room window.”


Many are surprised to learn of how much human diversity can be found at Bluefin Bay, and in Tofte and the surrounding communities, as well. “Life on the North Shore is very diverse,” Huppler said. “I’ve met more people from international backgrounds here than anywhere else in the state. At the same time, you get such a small-town, close-knit community feel. It really makes you feel at home.”

“A lot of our staff (at Bluefin) are international,” Cruz added. “I enjoy meeting all the different people, from places like Russia, the Philippines, the UK, Peru, Paraguay, and Puerto Rico. They all come together and immediately bond. Seeing that happen is pretty amazing.”


For employees of Bluefin Bay, prospects for advancement abound. “There is a ton of opportunity for growth,” said Sherman, who started his Bluefin Bay career delivering supplies, and today holds a management role.

“There is a lot of opportunity for growth and development,” echoed Huppler, adding, “Working at Bluefin Bay has been amazing because of the supportive community, and just the overall family atmosphere amongst staff and management.”

Make it Happen

So, what are you waiting for? If Minnesota is your dream, go grab it. “Anyone can make it happen,” said Sherman, the Tofte transplant.

And, if the logistics make you waver ever so slightly, just remember the amazing Lake Superior views that await you.

“Not many people get the opportunity to live on the North Shore of Lake Superior or be in one of the most scenic areas, I think, in the whole country,” Hastings said.

“The best part of this job is the office view,” Huppler added. “Being able to come to work and see Lake Superior every morning is just incredible.”




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